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Singapore, 26 March 2022 — Blockchain gaming startup G-Link showcased their genesis NFT collection ‘Chief Toad’ at a pre-launch event in person on Saturday (26 Mar).

G-Link’s physical GameFi NFT event is the first of its kind in Singapore, and was attended on an invites-only basis by 40 investors, creators and influencers.

The pre-launch was held at Singapore’s premier dedicated NFT gallery, the New World NFT Gallery by New World Carnival, located in 313@Somerset. The gallery officially opened earlier this month, on 5 March 2022.

“We wanted to put ourselves out here to show that we’re genuine about this, because we know that the blockchain space right now is still very much ‘Wild West meets gold rush’. The event is also our way of contributing to the local NFT and crypto community,” said one of G-Link’s co-founders, Justin K. Xu. 

During the event, G-Link revealed that Chief Toad is the world’s first ever story-based NFT collection, whereby stories published on the Discord server and minted on the blockchain will contain clues to exclusive information or ‘alpha’. 

Similar to a treasure hunt, members who follow the story closely can piece together the hidden information to find tangible rewards. The story has already begun to unfold, in the lead up to Chief Toad’s mint date, and the storytelling concept is planned to continue even afterwards.

G-Link’s other co-founder Zif Lee said, “Gaming has always been about the community. For us, we see storytelling as one of the ways to bring the community together, and to add real incentives for them to engage with the Chief Toad NFTs.”

As G-Link’s platform NFT, Chief Toad’s utilities include the ability to create guilds in the gameverse, enjoy early access to games in beta and to virtual land sales, and priority access to whitelist.

G-Link also announced that the Chief Toad NFT collection’s mint date will be in May 2022, at a standard price of 0.08 ETH. The supply, or number of NFTs in the collection, will be confirmed closer to the minting.


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About G-Link
G-Link is building the ecosystem that links the gaming community of gamers, game developers and investors. With the GLINK token enabling a gameverse of fun blockchain games, games incubator, NFT marketplace and the GSwap trading network, G-Link aims to bring Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0, through mobile gaming. For more information, visit or follow us @glinkgames.

About Chief Toad
Chief Toad is G-Link’s genesis NFT collection, which acts as a VIP membership into G-Link’s gameverse. As the world’s first story-based NFT, members who follow the story closely will be rewarded with alpha. The Chief Toad NFTs will be minting in May 2022. For more information, visit or follow us on Instagram @chieftoadnft.

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