G-Link is a blockchain games incubator platform that connect gamers and game developers alike.

We have our own complete eco-system that includes Gamefi incubator, Decentralized trading network, Games publisher, NFT marketplace and Community network. Our platform integrates blockchain technology into traditional games and support the minting of NFTs and with sales and payment functions.

We are motivated to bring mutual benefits to both gamers and game developers. Gamers will get to play high quality and entertaining games with maximum participation. On the other hand, game developers can stay true to their product and focus on game development.

G-Link’s headquarters is in Singapore, with worldwide operations. Singapore has a global talent pool that provides a mixture of eastern and western culture, which will benefit G-Link’s global marketing campaigns and lead to better innovations. As the leading Asian hub that is supportive in blockchain technology, Singapore will empower our long-term development.

Our core leadership originates from a range of high-tech enterprise and world-class game development companies. The preparation and development of G-Link platform began since 2020 and will be released in the first quarter of 2022. Our company strives to become a global, professional, diversified, and comprehensive gamefi incubator.

G-Link will strike a balance in centralization and decentralization through exploration and innovation, to perfectly align the goals of gamers and developers, together as one GameFi platform. We will bring the gaming industry and virtual reality a new direction very soon.